Actor Demo Reels

Bringing your talent and potential to screen hasn't always been the easiest task. The struggle of waiting weeks to get everything pulled together leaves you waiting on edge. We're changing all that. You provide your footage and we put together a professional-grade demo reel that highlights your work and gets you booking jobs more quickly.

Music Videos

Music videos bring your work to life. We love producing music videos because of the opportunity to collaborate with other artists in the storytelling process. We produce music videos in all genres.

Promotional Video | Corporate Video

When it comes to promoting your business, just posting a photo here and there on Facebook doesn't cut it anymore. You need engaging content to promote your business. Did you know that 46% of people say that they will seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video? You have the power to engage the public with professional video content that works to promote you 24/7! Some examples of this service include:

  • Video shoot at your business location
  • Employee Interviews / Customer Testimonials
  • Custom titles & graphics
  • Video uploaded to hosting site & link provided for online sharing
  • File delivery in convenient digital .MOV format, HD Resolution

Wedding Videos & Special Event Videos

Your big day is too special to miss. Don't skimp on what really matters when planning your special day. Capture the most important moments in a full-length version of the day's activities; and summarize the event for your friends and social media followers in a shorter video that captures the essence of the celebration. Two videos delivered for one great price! Whatever the style may be: traditional or unconventional; trust the professionals at Impressive Productions to make your wedding or special event a day you'll never forget.

Actor Taping & Editing

Leave the technical issues to us and put your focus on what is most important: your performance.

Scripted Narrative Films

We love telling stories, so it makes sense that we would work on some film projects. Check out some of the short films we have produced.